Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for Chinese Visa now?

No, only a particular group of foreigners who have an emergency issue in China, and either had resident permit before or apply for Z/R visa etc.  Please contact us before you submit the application.

1. Do I have to submit my application in person at the Georgia China Visa Service Center?

Yes. It is currently required to apply for a visa in person at the Georgia China Visa Service Center. Our company provides return mailing services.

2. How many days in advance should I submit my application?

We recommend that you submit your application 2-3 months in advance.

3. What proof do I need to obtain a visa? How long does it usually take to get a visa?

When our staff informs you to come to the office to get your visa, please bring your driver’s license with you.

From submitting an application to obtaining a visa, approximately 14 business days (as long as the application documents are complete while submitting).

4. What should I do first when I arrive at the Georgia China Visa Service Center to submit my application?

(1) Present the visa application form, passport and other required documents to our staff

(2) Payment

5. What should I do after I receive my visa?

When you receive your visa, please check to see if the information on your visa is correct, please do this step carefully.

Eg: visa type, date of issue, place of issue, date of validity, number of entries, name of holder, date of birth, passport number, etc.

6. Does the Georgia China Visa Service Center have a notary service?


7. Going to China for tourism, what if there is no invitation from the Chinese side?

You can replace the inviter information by providing ticket and hotel information.

8. If you originally had Chinese nationality, you became a US citizen. What should I pay attention to when I first apply for a Chinese visa?

Applicants must provide both a previous Chinese passport and a current US passport.