Visa for Child born in the U. S. with Chinese Parent(s)

A, Eligibility

You can apply as long as you meet one item:

① The child has applied for and been issued a Chinese visa before;
② If the child is born, both parents have a foreign passport;
③ If a parent holds a foreign passport at the time of child’s birth, the other parent holds a Chinese passport and the party who is holding the Chinese passport has a foreign permanent residency (green card);
④ If the parents of both parties hold a Chinese passport at the time of child’s birth, one of the parents has obtained the permanent residency (green card) of the foreign country.

If you do not meet these conditions, children will need to apply for a Chinese travel permit. Please call us for the Travel Document service.

B, Required Documents

1. Passport

Original passport with at least six months of remaining validity and two blank visa pages, and at least one year of remaining validity for 10-year multiple entries visa.

2. Visa Application Form and photo

One completed China Online Visa Application Form with a photo uploaded successfully to the form. The form need to be printed and signed by one of the parents.

3. Child’s Birth Certificate

Original unabridged birth certificate of the child and a copy of the certificate.

4. Identity Certification of Parents

Original and a copy of both parents’ passports and proof of parents’ immigration status in the U.S. (i.e. Green Card). And the driver’s license of one of the parents.

5. Supporting documents pertaining to the visit to China, ex. Invitation letter. (Click to check documents required for each visa category)

6. Other documents as required by the visa officer.

7. If the child never gets a Chinese visa after birth, all documents listed above from 1 to 6 are required. If the child has previously been issued a Chinese visa, document #4 can be waived, but a copy of the previous Chinese visa is required.