Chinese Visa

How to apply?

Before you get started, please confirm (1) if you live in the areas we covered. (2) Select a visa category that best describes your trip to China. And (3) prepare the necessary supporting documents according to China Visa requirement.

STEP 1: Fill out your application form online at Chinese Online Visa Application website ( , but PLEASE DONOT SUBMIT IT AT THE LAST STEP and send Application ID along with all supporting documents to our Office via E-mail for the pre-viewing.

If you have any questions about COVA form, please click here for “Important Tips for online COVA visa form filling”. Still have questions? Just fill out the information you know and skip those you don’t know. Do not worry, we will help you complete the online form later.

Alternatively, if you prefer our form filing service which costs additional fee of $20, please skip the STEP 1 and call us.

STEP 2: Call us (678-685-8066 or 678-900-3783) during office hours to schedule an appointment to deliver documents, after you receive an email from us when the pre-viewing is completed.

STEP 3: Bring all your documents to our office (Doraville, GA) in-person and pay the visa fees. Or pay online and mail the visa application documents including the original passport to our office.

How much will it cost, and how long will it take?

Please click here for more detail about our Fees & Processing time. 


  • If you are an USA passport holder, you are eligible to apply for multiple round-trip visas for ten years.
  • If your passport expires before the visa expires, you still can use a new passport along with the old passport which has your valid Chinese visa to enter China.
  • The Embassy decides whether to issue a visa, the type of visa, the validity period, the duration of stay and the number of entries based on the application.
  • And how long your visa application will be approved also depends on the Embassy.
  • This invitation letter of Q-type visa can be issued via e-mail, mail or fax. Georgia China Visa Service Center can provide samples of the invitations for reference only. The invitee must sign on the invitation.
  • When necessary, the visa officer of Chinese Embassy may require the applicant to provide the original invitation letter, or provide additional supporting documents, or request to have an interview with the applicant.
  • If you have previously applied for a Chinese visa, please provide a copy of your visa. If you lost the previous visa/passport, your application may be delayed, and will be required to provide more supporting documents.
  • If you have/had a job, you will need to fill out at least 5 years of work history (include the Company name/address/phone, and the supervisor name/phone, and the job description)
  • For other types of visas, please contact the Georgia China Visa Service Center staff.
  • Click here for more Visa F.A.Qs.

Convenient services from the Georgia China Visa Service Center

  • Convenient and fast service: The application can be mailed, you don’t need to go to our office to submit an application. No need to make an appointment, you can easily handle it at home. Our company uses FedEx to return your documents with insurance. The FedEx Mailing and Handling Fee is at the customer’s expense.
  • Visa application pre-viewing: Before you send the documents to us, we will check the COVA form/materials for you, which greatly reduced the chances of errors and rejections.
  • Professional and friendly service: Our staffs are not only very friendly, but also professional. They are able to answer your various applications and related questions quickly and accurately.