Notice: due to the pandemic, the Embassy of P.R.C in Washington is closed for regular services. The processing time and fees are different now, please contact us for more detail.

Visa Service Cost and Payment Methods

1. Processing Time:

Regular service: 10-14 business days
Express service: 6-7 business days
Rush service(restricted): 3-4 business day. Available only in extreme emergencies and subject to approval by the consular officer.

Note: The above processing time is average and for reference only. Some applications may require longer processing time that a pick-up date cannot be confirmed until notified by the Visa Office.

2. Visa Cost:

Regular service process usually takes 10 to 14 business days.

US passport: $280
Non-US passport:  $200 for Multiple Entries in one year *

Express service (6-7 business days):  $60 extra, Rush Service (3-4 business days and restricted):  $180 extra

* Note: Visa cost for certain non-U.S. citizens may vary from the list above based on reciprocal agreements.

3. Document consular legalization (authentication) fee:

Regular service process usually takes 10 to 14 business daysCurrently takes 2-3 months.

Civil Documents Consular Authentication:  $120
Commercial document Consular Authentication: $160
During pandemic please contact our office for more detail.

Express service (6-7 business days):  $60 extra, no Rush Service for Authentication.

* If the same document is certified multiply times, the first copy is $120, and same additional document is $110 each.
** Document writing service fee: $60 each.

4. Methods of Payment:

  • You must pay your fee upon submission of your application.
  • Acceptable methods of payment are: cash, person/business check, cashier’s check, money order and credit card. Credit card payment will be charged 5% transaction fee.
  • Please make your check or money order payable to “Atlanta China Visa” .
  • $30 service fee will be charged for a returned check or money order.

5. Fee categories:

  • The fees listed above  already include both consular fee and service fee, no other hidden fees needed.
  • If visa not issued, consular fee is refundable and service fee is non-refundable.
  • You can pick up your issued visa/document from our office in person. And we also provide FedEx return mailing service, with the extra $10 domestic and $50 international.
  • We provide Visa Photo service for $5 per person.
  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to prepare, collect and submit the application form and all necessary supporting documents. If the application has difficulty on preparation, we can provide assistance on limited categories, etc. writing the Power of Attorney, with extra service fee.