Invitation Letter (Visit Relatives)

Invitation Letter

Dear Consulate Officer,

I am Wang xx, inviting my brother ZHOU XIAOQING to come to China to visit relatives in China and let her know about Chinese culture and development.

Here is her relevant personal information:

Invited person’s personal information:


Sex: Male

Date of birth: March 2, 1961

Place of birth: XX County, Qiqihar, Heilongjiang, China

Relationship with the inviter: brother-in-law

Invitees access information:

To China: Visiting relatives

Visiting place: xx City, Heilongjiang Province

Arrival and Departure Date: November 1, 2018 to December 15, 2018

Source of cost: ZHOU XIAOQING

Inviter information:

Name: Wang xx

ID number: 232xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Contact number: 138xxxxxxxx

Address: No. xx, Group xx, X, xx Street, xx City, Heilongjiang Province

Please contact me if you need more information. Thank you.

Inviter: Wang xx