Document Consular Legalization (Authentication)

We can help you with a full range of Level 3 certification services, including but not limited to:

  • Diploma authentication
  • Background check / Criminal report authentication
  • Birth certificates authentication
  • Death certificates authentication
  • Power of attorney authentication
  • Single status authentication
  • Marriage certificates authentication
  • Adoption authentication
  • Business license authentication
  • Certificate of the overseas Chinese status
  • New and old US passport proof of the same person
  • Chinese passport and US passport proof of the same person

Consular Authentication Procedures

You can submit your documents to our office in person or in mail.

Step 1. Prepare and complete the following documents:

  • One duly completed and signed Authentication Application Form (The latest update: 2019-11)
  • The original or a photocopy of the documents to be authenticated.
  • For individual documents, the copy of the applicant’s passport or driver license is needed; for corporate documents, a cover letter and one passport/ driver license copy of the legal representative of the company is needed.
    If non-US passport is provided, then the proof of residence is needed (green card etc.)
  • Other supporting documents a consular officer may request. For example, the copy of real estate certificate for the Power of Attorney to sell house in China.

Step 2. The document to be certified by a notary public in our office.

If the document needs signatures from multiple parties, all parties need to be presented for signing before a notary public.

Step 3. The document to be certified by the county government.

Our office will be responsible for this step.

Step 4. The document to be certified by the Secretary of the State.

Our office will be responsible for this step too.

Step 5. The document to be authenticated by Chinese consulate.

Finale step, and the document from USA can be used in China only after being authenticated by Chinese consulate. And our office will be responsible for  this step as well.


Since the consular authenticated document is to be used in China, you are strongly recommend to check with the domestic use agency first on the format and content of the document.