Chinese Short-term Visiting Visa (Q2)

What documents do I need to apply for a Chinese Short-term Visiting Visa (Q2/S2)?

In short, you need to provide the valid passport, driver’s license, the photocopy of inviter’s Chinese ID Card (front and back), and marriage certificate (if applicable).

Original passport of the applicant

  • Original passport with at least six months of remaining validity.
  • Original passport with at least two blank visa pages.
  • Original passport with at least one year of remaining validity for 10-year multiple entries visa.

② Proof of Residence

(e.g. , driver’s license, utility bill, bank bill)

③  Application Form

    • Click here to fill out Chinese Online Visa Application (COVA) form
    • Click here to view the introduction of the form. VERY IMPORTANT
      • {Alternatively, if you prefer our form filing service, we offer this service for an additional fee of $20. Please skip this section and contact us for assistance.}
      • Select “Washington D.C.” under the United States of America if you reside in Georgia. If you are located outside of Georgia, please let us know, or check our accepted application areas.
      • If the system doesn’t accept your photo, proceed with the template photo (click here to download). We will assist you with professional photography when you visit our office.
      • Print or save the Application ID (a 19-digit number) when you reach the second page.
      • Enter “N/A” in any required fields if you are unsure; we will help you with correct information later.
      • Do not hit the “Confirm” button on the “Preview” section; we will handle the final submission.

④  One Visa Photo

  • A digital picture file, no need to spend money on Walgreen or other professional photography service.
  • Just use our template as the place-holder while filling out the COVA form, and we will provide free professional photo to replace later.
  • Or ask your family member to take a headshot photo of yours with a smart phone, and send the picture file to us for editing to be compliance with COVA system.

⑤ Where You Stay Form

Download here and fill out the Name of State, then handwritten sign your name and dated it.

⑥  The invitation

Be sure to provide a photocopy of a Chinese ID card (front and back) of the inviter in China, do not use a Chinese passport.

  • Chinese ID Card photocopies can be scanned or taken photos, then be sent in email or even WeChat.
  • Visiting non-Chinese nationals who hold long term Chinese visas to work or study in China.
    Invitation letter from non-Chinese relative along with a copy of the inviter’s passport (1st page), work or student visa, residence permit, and documents showing relationship between applicant and the inviter.
  • Please use the invitation letter template we have provided to you, you can edit it by yourself to suit your own situations.
  • Please ask the inviter to print and sign. If more than one person will be invited at a time, multiple copies should be filled out. The signature on the invitation letter must be signed in Chinese and cannot be signed in Pinyin or English.
  • The invitation letter doesn’t have to be the original copy. It can be faxed or scanned and emailed.
  • The invitation letter must be issued by relative (parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles etc, no proof of relation needed) for Q2 visa.
  • A person with a green card cannot send an invitation letter.

⑦ Other documents:

Previous Chinese Visa records (if applicable)

  • If the previous visa  is expired on your previous passport:
    Photocopy of previous passport and previous Chinese visa page.
  • If the previous visa  is not expired on your previous passport:
    It is best to provide us the original passport (and we will eventually return it back to you).

 If the applicant was born in the Mainland of China / Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, or changed their names:

  • For Chinese-born applicants who applies for Chinese visa for the first time, the original Chinese passport must be provided.
  • Click here to see a list of files that need to be attached if the applicant who were born in USA with parent(s) is Chinese decent.

 If the applicant holds a non-US passport:

Those who hold a non-US passport also need to provide the proof of their legal residence in the United States. Such as a green card, or a long-term visa which allowed them to come to the United States.

★ Special reminder:

The visa officer may request the applicant to provide other materials (eg. Marriage Certificate) or interview the applicant according to the situation. Please carefully prepare the materials according to the instructions, so as not to delay the trip.

Next steps:

Please send us the application documents, we will do pre-check/correction for you free of charge. For more, please click her for HOW TO APPLY.

  • In order to reduce the chance of application errors, we recommend that you send us the COVA application ID in email ( for pre-view first, along with all of the supporting documents, such as passport copies, driver’s license, the inviter’s Chinese ID Card and other materials.
  • We will check your documents and let you know if there is any need to modify or what you need to do next.
  • We usually respond to your email within 1-2 business day. This application pre-check service is completely free, please feel free to use it. Especially those who need to apply for expedited.

Visa Fee:

Please click here to view our visa service fees and processing time.

  • The fees include the Embassy visa application fee and our service fees.
  • If applying for a return mail service, the applicant must pay for the postage.
  • Please note: The day when we received your application documents from you, that day doesn’t count as a business day.