Valid China Visa issued before 2020-03-28 is allowed to enter China now

Important Announcement:

From March 15, 2003, Foreigners with valid visas issued before March 28, 2020 will be allowed to enter China.

An expired US passport with a valid Chinese visa is good for travelling to China provided it is used together with a new valid US passport bearing the same name, sex, date of birth and nationality. If any changes are made to the above mentioned information on the new passport, a new visa shall be applied.

If you need to apply for a visa, please refer to requirements and procedures at Notice on the Current Visa Application Procedures.

If you need to apply for a visa/entry permit to Hong Kong, please log on to the HK Immigration Department website.

If you need to apply for a visa/entry permit to Macao, please log on to the Macau Public Security Police Force website.

If you have other questions on visa application, please Contact us for more information.

On AVAS Appointment:

* For diplomatic and official visa applications, no AVAS appointment is required for on-site submission.

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