What documents should you prepare for the visa application?

How to Apply?

STEP 1: Select a visa category that best describes your trip to China and prepare your visa application including necessary supporting documents accordingly.

STEP 2: Submit your application form along with supporting documents to our Office in person or in mail (check the document requirement below).

STEP 3: Pay the visa application fee at the Visa Office, or in mail/online if submitting application in mail (Click to check fees and payments) . Your application will not be processed till our office receive the payment in full.

STEP 4: Pick up your visa after you receive the notification from our office, or wait for the FedEx delivery if return mailing service is selected by you .

Visa Application Document Requirement

The documents required for a visa application vary based on the visa category. But the common requirement is the following:

  1. Original passport *
  2. Photo: One visa photo (1.9″x1.3″ and we provide visa photo service for $5 per person)
  3. Copy of passport’s first page and Copy of drivers license **.
    Non-US citizen: Copy of permanent resident card or US visa
  4. If you had China Visa before, the copy of your latest China Visa page and the copy of passport’s first page carrying that visa (if different from your current passport)
  5. Visa Application Form.
  6. Current job description form.
  7. Inviter or travel  information
    • If planning to Stay in China with relative/friend who IS Chinese nationality:
      A. His/Her Chinese ID copy (front and back)
      B. Invitation letter. (Sample letter)

      If you are going business trip to China, you need the official invitation letter from the business who invited you.

    • If planning to have a China trip without invitation letter:
      A. Flight itinerary.
      B. Hotel booking.


* Passport should have at least 6 month validation. 10-year visa not available for passport with less one year validation.

** Child under 18 must provide birth certificate, parents’ passports copies (or drivers license)

Here is the documents requirement for  two common applied Visa Categories:

  1. Chinese Short-term Visiting Visa (Q2)
  2. Visa for Child born in the U. S. to a Chinese Parent

For others, please check the official web site of Chinese Consulate, and select a visa category based on your purpose of visit to China and click the category code to see detailed requirements.